Hantho Outdoor Services

30+ Years of Premier Commercial Snow and Ice Management
Now with additional services: Irrigation, Fertilization & Weed Control, and Lawn Care


Winter is not a season, it’s a profession

At Hantho Outdoor Services, winter is not just a season, it’s a profession.

Everything we do we do with No Compromise To Safety, which requires a great degree of knowledge and expertise in the specific field of snow removal and snow and ice management. This involves continuous training and certifications, so our team is highly qualified not only to do their job but to provide the best services and solutions to our clients without compromising safety.

When it snows, we’re already on-site clearing lots and walks. We’re working around the clock each snowstorm to make sure properties are cleared and safe for residents and customers. At Hantho, a snowstorm is just our normal Wednesday.

Want more information on what we can do for your property? Contact us at: (763) 477-5011 or sales@hanthofarms.com


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