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From the Desk of Charles: Safety

Safety should be practiced from the time we get up until the time we go to bed.

We should always be looking where we place our next step, we are all in such a hurry we often don’t take note of our surroundings. This is pertinent in the snow belt!

From a business owners’ perspective, my greatest fear is an employee getting in an accident. With over a hundred employees, the company’s full-time responsibility is to ensure everyone is safe at all times. This is not only limited to work sites. Most accidents occur within two miles of one’s home!

Safety at our offices is also paramount; we’re constantly checking, are floors dry and not slippery? Are materials stored safely, especially pallet racking? Can office staff safely get supplies without the use of a ladder? Safety is everyday little things we need to be aware of, not just for ourselves, but those around us as well.

For work sites the list is huge, our tailgate safety meetings are regular and documented. PPE on every job site is part of our culture. Safety requires us to constantly be aware of our surroundings, being aware of those driving defensively in an environment where everyone is in a hurry to get from one location to another, being constantly aware of other drivers, especially when pulling a trailer and stopping distances are greater is extremely important! These are all standards for safety!

Winter field (site) safety is 24/7. When approaching a loader, always stand back; make sure you have the attention of the operator before you approach. Never approach until the equipment is fully stopped and the attachment is on the ground. Never walk up behind someone at any time, including shovelers, always approach from the front and make sure they see you.

These are just a very few safety items we check daily. Safety is the key to our company culture, and it is practiced and lived every day. We stand behind “No Compromise To Safety ™.”

-Charles Glossop
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