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Salt Smart

Chicken Little? You be the Judge. 

This winter season, the snow removal industry anticipates a stress on salt supply, causing it to increase more than 25% in cost. Having a contractor who is “Salt educated” is more important than ever.

What does this mean for you? Has your contractor even thought about salt for the upcoming season. Did you know most salt comes into Minneapolis on Barge, and right now with flooding and continued rain less than 5% of this seasons salt is on the ground. One of our suppliers knows they will be more than 35000 tons short!

As you might imagine, low salt supply nationally makes it more difficult for contractors to fulfill their commitments to keep their customers’ properties safe. Are you confident that your contractor has secured salt for the winter ahead?

Your contractor actually SHOULD have a plan in place to secure salt for any given season, but not everyone does. It requires an outlay of cash and commitment to the materials that not every contractor can make. The shortage following a rigorous winter for much of the United States, including Minneapolis , drives up prices that impacts budgets and plans.

For a company like Hantho Outdoor Services, committing the resources to have salt availability is part of our commitment to our customers. Availability of materials is our greatest concern. Salt is essential to melt snow and ice and keep properties safe. We already have our brine, our bagged product and have secured salt for the winter that is in our dome. That’s why we’re talking about the reality of the salt shortage with clients and we also guard against the liability of material shortage by being “Salt Smart.”


  • We have significantly reduced the harmful effects of ice-melting products by using an innovative liquid deicer in snow removal and pre-treating bulk material for over 30 years.
  • PRE-Treated road surfaces require fewer chemicals and need fewer applications throughout the season, saving time, fuel, and damage to landscape
  • Hantho Outdoor Services has relationships with salt mines outside our immediate geographic region and secures salt for the season ahead from every corner of the globe, if necessary. This is because our commitment to our clients trumps any price hike or shortage issue the industry may experience.
  • Hantho Outdoor Services has purchased and is receiving shipment of Bulk salt TODAY. Several salt suppliers in town have not even set their prices, as they have NO IDEA how much salt they will be getting.
  • We have paid for and own our salt, You will not hear from us that our ‘allotment’ has been cut short’ The way many snow companies work is to agree to buy an amount of salt. They take delivery as needed during the season. This means when the dealer runs out they are shut off. Even if they need the salt.

Why do we do this? Safety is not optional for your tenants, or for us. Would you say that about your snow vendor? If they have not discussed this with you, you ARE already in trouble.

If you have time to meet or can direct me to the person in your organization who manages these services, you or they can message me here, email me at Michael@hanthofarms.com  or call/text at 612-272-8245.