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Is your snow removal company stuck at the beach?

Recently one of our new customers shared this. It was an email from one of their employees.

“I am a many year employee and managed to fall in the employee parking lot last winter. (I was wearing winter boots.)

In reference to clearing parking lots, in my opinion, the process we are using this year far exceeds what was done in the past. As I left work yesterday morning, the parking lot wasn’t the least bit slippery and there was absolutely no ice!

The sand/gravel they put down in the past was a personal source of irritation for me and in my opinion not particularly effective. I ended up taking sand home with me into my vehicle and garage. Even though I wipe my feet and take my boots off the minute I set foot in the house, I’d still end up with sand in my house. More than once I’ve thought to myself, this is one thing I will not miss when I retire.

I am grateful to NOT see sand this year.

I would think the new process would make housekeeping’s job easier by not having to contend with all the sand people track in and out.

I would also think having cleared and safe parking lots would enhance the overall appearance of our facility. Thank-you.”

I could not have said it better myself!

If your snow removal company is stuck at the beach, we should talk Solutions!