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Partnership Announcement

Hantho Outdoor Services, a leader in commercial snow removal and landscape, Matt’s Lawn and Landscape, a leader in association snow and lawn services, and Olson’s Irrigation and Landscape, a leader in Irrigation and maintenance and installation, today announced the partnership of their companies. The merged companies will provide greater solutions to current and future clients by bringing years of expertise to a new, combined team.

Charles Glossop will remain the CEO and visionary for the company, providing leadership to all departments. Cody Olson from Olson’s Irrigation and Landscape will continue in the role of account management and lead installation crews for residential landscape projects. Eric Agrimson from Matt’s Lawn and Landscape will continue to lead the Association maintenance department.

All of the current team members will continue to provide the top-level services you have become accustomed to, the new partnership will allow greater opportunities for us provide world class solutions, meeting the needs of our clients, and will provide our employees the opportunity to specialize and learn additional skills.

“We Will Learn From Each Other And Continue To Provide Solutions For Our Clients’ Toughest Problems” Charles Glossop CEO Hantho Outdoor Services.

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