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From the Desk of Charles: Industry Challenges

From The Desk Of Charles: Industry Challenges

As an owner of a company providing multiple services; landscape, snow service, maintenance, and excavating; it is so much more than worrying about the next dollar. We have some 80 families, that I’m responsible for, this is about making sure everyone gets home safe every day.

It is also about making sure our business model is solid, there is good work in the pipeline, happy employees, and happy clients. I ask myself, are we doing everything feasible to put out a great product, and are we providing solutions to our clients and employees.

Today we encounter delays in getting parts for repairs, delays of up to 12 months in receiving new trucks and field equipment, and even sourcing electrical components can be a challenge. As with most service companies we also face staffing issues. I am grateful for our entire team. Yes, we make mistakes, that’s okay, the key part is, did we learn from the mistake, did we own it in our clients’ eyes, and are we training correctly in our industry. To work outdoors is a true blessing, even when it is 30 below.

Charles Glossop- CSP

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