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HANTHO: How it all started

Growing up I used my great grandfathers’ inspiration to guide me. He had built The Trebartha Hall estate in southwest England before WWI. I had put a lot of my English background into not just having a job and working for someone, but always creating and looking for opportunities.

Prior to coming to America in 1976 I received my masters in soil science and agronomy, with a focus in agriculture. I had a passion for growing and cultivating plants and wanted to use my agriculture knowledge to empower others.

Hantho Farms was formed in 1978 with the intent to become an agricultural company. At the time, I was involved in a farm operation in west central Minnesota located in Hantho township, hence the name. Due to the high expense of starting up in the farming industry, Hantho Farms was put on hold for the time being. I had to find something that was less costly to get my start. This is when I found another industry, the landscape industry, and it was rapidly growing.

Going back to the landscape industry, I saw even more potential and converted Hantho Farms into what it is today: Hantho Outdoor Services. I funded this new venture with everything I had saved. The first couple of years were lean, every penny earned was re-invested into the business. I wanted to ensure I had the best equipment and ability to properly compensate a great team. I knew that without a great team, Hantho Outdoor Services would not be what it is today.

I have been consumed with two main objectives: creating favorable circumstances for others and finding solutions in the landscape and snow industry. With a passion for tackling the challenges found in our industry I was able to find solutions. Solving these problems has made Hantho extraordinarily successful on a national stage.

A great example of this was the creation of the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA). SIMA currently has over 1,700 members serving the snow and ice management industry. As a founding member and former organization president, I can look back and be proud of the opportunities that have been created for so many.

Hantho Outdoor Services focuses not only on providing services and solutions, but also building honest, dependable relationships, while encouraging our team to become leaders. I am extremely motivated to create advantages that can last a lifetime. I believe that it is our team that helps bring these ideas to life.

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