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Get to know our team: David Vollmers- Director of Human Resources

Get to know our team: David Vollmers- Director of Human Resources

As the new Director of Human Resources, David will spend most of his time on internal transformation to realign work and upskill staff by identifying required capabilities and tapping into new sources for talent. He will be focused on providing a seamless experience across all interactions for our team. His responsibilities include driving a new digital culture enhancing the employee experience and interactions and delivering data-driven insights to help solve business challenges and drive results.

David has several years of experience in landscape install and a background in Psychology. At Hantho he has previously managed the HR systems, handled employee relations, assessed staffing needs, and designed training programs. Recently he managed our out of state accounts and service providers that service the sites.

When he is not working, he is always looking for a new project. He enjoys spending his time learning how to fix things from simple engine repairs to kitchen remodel projects.

An interesting thing about him is that he trained in Martial Arts in grade school and earned his Black Belt. His favorite item is his 1996 Toyota Celica convertible he has been restoring. He is very proud of this project as he knew very little about cars when he started and had to mostly rely on the original shop manual.

A quote he lives by is: “There’s only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk. Which is water that’s lying about being milk.” -Ron Swanson

Interested in joining our team? Contact us at (763) 477-5011 or sales@hanthofarms.com

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