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Dormant Tree Pruning

Winter is an important time of year for your landscape. Although it is cold outside, it is the best time of year to prune your deciduous plants, trees, and shrubs. We tend to stay away from evergreens in most situations, they never become fully dormant and are prone to tip burn if pruned in the winter.

Why is it important to prune in dormancy?

  • Easier to see plant structure and make corrections
  • Less chance of disease transfer or insect infestation in fresh pruning wounds

When pruning, have a clear purpose or plan in mind, before you start:

  • Remove undesirable branches – are they dead, broken, diseased?
  • Do they cause a safety issue?
  • Remove rubbing or crossing branches
  • Thin the plant canopy
  • Encourage new growth
  • Look for insect problems – nests, webs, or cocoons
  • Look for signs of disease – swelling, open lesions, darkened areas

Now is the time to review your properties and create a long-term plan for plant health. In general terms, corrective or rejuvenation pruning can be done at a fraction of the cost and disruption of removal and replacement of landscape trees and shrubs.

Please contact us for a review of your properties, Hantho Outdoor Services is happy to be your partner in creating lasting landscapes. (763) 477-5011 or sales@hanthofarms.com

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