Hantho Outdoor Services

30+ Years of Premier Commercial Snow and Ice Management
Now with additional services: Irrigation, Fertilization & Weed Control, and Lawn Care


Workaholics? You decide

Here at Hantho Outdoor Services, we don’t have a typical schedule. With our company operating 24/7 – 365 days a year, we prioritize being efficient to stay on top of projects.

Charles Glossop CEO of Hantho Outdoor Services and a leader in the industry is committed to finding solutions. With his years of experience, he provides our team with the skills needed to successfully manage each project promptly.

We want to thank our crews for the passion and countless hours they put into providing solutions to our clients. Their dedication to learning and putting in the extra effort and quality is second to none.

Workaholics? You decide.

Learn more about our services and how we can provide you with solutions! Contact us at: (763) 477-5011 or sales@hanthofarms.com

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