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Spring Training

The Twins finally play for the first time in front of their fans standing in the stands!

At Hantho, we are proud season ticket holders and can’t wait to be back in the stands! As we’re clearing away snow and ice from our sites, the Twins are fine-tuning and getting ready for spring. At Hantho we are involved in our own Spring training. We are getting mow routes in order, learning new properties, looking at new equipment, all for our “Opening Day.” We don’t work in front of 10,000 or 60,000 raving fans; however, we are grateful when our fans share their feedback.

“Hantho has exceeded my expectations. I have worked with many outdoor companies, and by far, Hantho is the best. They did what they said.”

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We can’t wait to hear “PLAY BALL” opening day 2021!

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