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SIMA RFP Best Practices

For most facilities management (FM) professionals, the RFP would focus on a LOS related to clearing snow from roadway, parking lot and sidewalk surfaces and/or keeping surfaces clear of ice and safe for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. However, each client will have expectations specifically related to the site(s) being serviced that must be clearly communicated in the RFP. RFPs are a three-part series.

Section 1: Levels of Service:

The LOS can be a standalone section of an RFP or the information can be presented throughout the sections of an RFP. There should be a minimum of expectations to outline in your LOS, which should include:
1. Description of Outcomes
2. Accumulation
3. Timeframes
4. Service Priorities
5. Post-storm requirements
6. Initiation of additional service

Section 2: Scope of Work (SOW)

Site Assessment Criteria
A quality snow management service will make reasonable efforts to review the size and complexity of the site.
Basic criteria for site assessment
• Egress routes/major exits
• Access
• Site map
• Property boundaries included in scope
• Areas identified for stacking/piling snow and ice
• High priority areas

Other areas to review
• Environment and sustainability issues
• Architectural and design issues

Building a Scope of Work (SOW)
Scope of Work (SOW): Defines the service criteria (e.g., snow clearing, ice management, etc.) and specific areas to be serviced on a site or set of sites. The SOW can include any issues that may impact the execution of service (e.g., poor site drainage, slopes/hills, etc.). Synonyms: Statement of Work, Statement of Services. Related term: Level of Service.

Main SOW areas to document
• Areas of Service
• Acceptable Services – (e.g., snow plowing, snow removal, etc.).
• Site Inspections and Planning
• Material use
• Equipment requirements

Section 3: Terms and Conditions

Documentation and Technology Requirements
It is essential that any procurement process include a rigorous review and final communication of documentation required for billing and risk management. General site documentation and recordkeeping, known as a Service Report. At a minimum, the report should include why service was initiated, what services were performed and by what methods, who performed the service and when.

Fee Structure Selection
There are multiple fee structures used in the North American private snow and ice management industry. The selection of a fee structure for a multi-year contract should be undertaken with care and not solely based on one recent season. Some of the main fee structures include:

• Per-Event Service
• Per-Occurrence Service
• Per-Season Service
• Time & Materials (T&M)

Fee Modifiers
In addition to the fee structures in the marketplace, modifiers can be added to help share financial risk between the client and the contractor, including:

• Cap
• Floor
• Inclusion

Accountability and Monitoring
Managing service implementation is the key to success. Identify the core performance measures, methods and metrics that may be used to oversee accountability and control of service, including but not limited to:

• Feedback from on-site personnel
• Documentation controls
• Definitions
• Service controls, including: Decision-making
• Communication process
• Emergencies or injuries on site
• Complaints

Contractual Terms and Conditions
• Compensation
• Service begins/ends date
• Compliance
• Liability
• Non-compliance
• Best practices for snow industry risk management and shared accountability

Payment and Billing
Clarity on payment conditions, terms, billing requirements, and timing of payments should be identified
• Readiness/Retainer Fees
• Seasonal contracts
• Billing

Cessation of Snow Services
Failure to pay can result in cessation of services on a snow service contract. Contractual agreements should reflect a fair and balanced methodology for cessation of service due to lack of payment.

For more in-depth details please click the link for the SIMA RFP Best Practices Guide:

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