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Operations Process- Commercial Snow

Operations Process – Commercial Snow Removal

The process of planning a large-scale snow removal operation is a daunting task. It takes hundreds of labor hours; those hours are spent long before the first flake falls. Management, shop staff, area managers, and office staff are all involved in the process.

We begin our ‘snow event’ preparations 48-72 hours in advance of the snowfall onset. That process includes remote de-icing storage inventory, equipment maintenance, staffing contacts, liquid pre-treating, and site inspections. We develop an operational plan, based on forecasted snow amounts and timing. Additional factors that go into the plan are site specific; what are the property’s hours of operation, what is the trigger, what type of business, are there any special requirements, is the site ‘zero tolerance’? All these factors are considered in our final planning and dispatch time.

Within 12 hours of the event onset, plans are finalized based on the most recent forecasted amounts and timing. Our team members are sent home to get some rest and mentally prepare for the next few days. If we get back-to-back events all these things still need to be done; however, that timeframe is greatly reduced, forcing our staff to work around the clock to ensure everything is ready. All planning is based around No Compromise To Safety.

As an event wraps up, we begin monitoring the “backside” of the event, temperatures, wind speeds (possible drifting), which sites will need additional attention, detailing (walks and lots), de-icing, and any relocation or hauling.

Our entire staff here at Hantho Outdoor Services would like to thank our clients for their continued partnership, our team for your perseverance and willingness to do what it takes to get things done, and most importantly, our families for your unquestioning support while we are away for days on end, but that hot meal is always ready when we get home.

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