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Not The ‘Look” You Want

Not The ‘Look’ You Want

Today, I spent part of my day with a property manager looking at one of her sites not serviced by us. She was trying to determine what snow damage was, (not a good sign on the 28th of June that it had not been repaired). I took the time to walk the property and make suggestions as to what was reasonable to repair and what their contractor neglected and should be responsible for repairing. About halfway through the walk, I asked if they had the same landscape contract we did with her. Her answer was “Yes, but they seem to have more excuses than service.”

The weather has made it a challenging year, I get that; however, weed control and pruning are not options! In today’s Property Management too many sites look ignored or vacant due to companies not inspecting the work of their crews. The pictures is of a 100% fully occupied building not under national contract. AND NOT SERVICED BY HANTO OUTDOOR SERVICES.

We are working with a number of customers who have postponed projects and now have old and tired landscapes from the 80’s or 90’s We just completed phase one of a three-year plan at a site where we are working with budget concerns, and a very concerned building owner who looks at their property as a long term investment that is not looking it’s best.

Need help with a plan for your property long term? Need to find a better solution for landscape and snow?

I would like the opportunity to talk with you about how Hantho Outdoor Services, can meet your needs and budget. If you have time to meet or can direct me to the person in your organization who manages these services, email me at michael@hanthofarms.com or call/text at 612-272-8245.

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