Hantho Outdoor Services

30+ Years of Premier Commercial Snow and Ice Management
Now with additional services: Irrigation, Fertilization & Weed Control, and Lawn Care


Need Budget Help?

Do you need help creating a budget for landscape and snow services for your property?

  • Create a schedule ahead of time with deadlines.
  • Set clear objectives and targets.
  • Plan projects over the next 3-5 years.
  • Budget for One-Time and Ongoing costs.
  • Look at the risk factor: How likely is someone to slip and fall on
    your property in the winter? And if they do, what are the
    repercussions for you?
  • Limiting costs, increasing liability: Choose exactly what services
    you want and need.
  • Choose your tolerance: Decided at what amount of snow fall you
    want to be serviced.
  • Use a single provider for your property’s needs: Using the same
    contractor all year round gives us a better chance to get to know
    the property and build strong relationships with staff. We get
    familiar with your property before the snow hits.
We provide 24/7/365 communication, as well as emergency snow services. Still have questions about your snow removal budget? We would love to help, contact us at sales@hanthofarms.com or 763-477-5011.

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