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Irrigation: Common Repair Issues

A functioning sprinkler system can keep your property’s lawn or landscape area hydrated on hot days. However, there are some problems you might run into with any sprinkler system. It is important to be aware of these issues and to know when to call a technician.


Repairing water leaks
Your sprinkler system may involve several hoses and cover a fair amount of ground. It isn’t always easy to locate a specific leak within that system. If your sprinkler system isn’t functioning at peak levels, it could be because of a leak or fault. Taking too much time to locate the source could cost you a lot in water or dry out your lawn while the system is off.

Testing the solenoid
A controller sends an electrical current to the solenoid that tells it to activate and open the valve. If your valve is not opening, it could be a sign that the solenoid has an issue.

Clogged or Blocked Sprinkler Heads
When a sprinkler head stops functioning properly, it could indicate the head is blocked or clogged. Check for debris and mineral deposits from water.

Broken Sprinkler Head
One of the worst problems that you can face is a broken sprinkler head. This usually happens when the head sticks too high out of the ground. It becomes susceptible to impact damage and creates a tripping hazard.

Valve Stuck Open
If a sprinkler continues to run even when you turn off the irrigation system, this is a sign of a broken valve. A bad valve can not only cause problems for the lawn but also cost a lot of money on your water bill.

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