Stormwater Inspections:

Hantho offers comprehensive BMP inspection services to assess the condition and performance of stormwater assets. Their knowledgeable professionals are certified to conduct on-site inspections and review original construction plans, providing property owners with detailed baseline reports customized to their specific construction. These reports identify issues and concerns, enabling quick and cost-effective compliance and maintenance solutions.

Advanced Technology

Using advanced technology and expertise, Hantho can employe a detailed site BMP inventory to gather accurate and detailed information about stormwater BMPs. This data helps identify potential deficiencies, poor designs, or improper installations, allowing for timely corrective actions before costs increase. If necessary, video inspections and infiltration tests can provide evidence of the condition of underground stormwater assets, facilitating informed decision-making and efficient maintenance planning.

QR Codes

Hantho is the only stormwater specialists company to use proprietary QR code medallions on stormwater assets as a unique feature of their inspection services. These medallions provide real-time access to as-built plans, up-to-date revisions, Completed inspection reports, warranties maintenance timelines, and any targeted concerns for corrective actions. The QR medallion technology streamlines asset management, ensuring easy access to essential information when needed, and enhancing the overall efficiency of inspection processes.