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Get to know our team: Sydnie Tupy- Staff Meteorologist/ Administrative Assistant

Get to know our team: Sydnie Tupy- Staff Meteorologist/ Administrative Assistant

Sydnie starts her day forecasting for a couple of hours. During the winter, she forecasts snow/ ice amounts for 36 cities across the Midwest. During the summer, her forecast is more localized to the twin cities area but contains more information like wind, temperature, heat index, and precipitation. In addition to forecasting, she assists Charles with Retention Pond Maintenance Reports and contracts. During the summer, she also assists with all the administrative work in the irrigation department.

Before working at Hantho Outdoor Services, Sydnie received her Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Iowa State University. At Iowa State, she worked as a teaching assistant, where she gave weekly weather reports. In addition, she also worked five years at French and Fish Regional Parks as a Shift Lead. As a lead, she would train new employees, be a resource for both customers and staff, and track boat inspections and decontamination hours.

Sydnie’s hobbies include singing. She’s been involved in several choirs throughout her schooling. Currently, she’s a member of the choir and cantor at her church. Her fiancé and her also love to storm chase.

Something unique about her is that she is the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family. One big item she wishes to check off her bucket list is to visit Iceland to see the glaciers before they melt. Her fiancé and her plan on taking a trip there for their honeymoon in 2024. She’d also love to go hurricane chasing and experience the eye of a hurricane. As well as visit Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela to see the Catatumbo Lightning (known as the everlasting storm: the lake can experience thunderstorms that last around 9 hours and experience around 20 lightning flashes per minute).

A quote she lives by is: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just different types of good weather.”

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