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Get to know our team: Robyn Nelson- Office Manager

Get to know our team: Robyn Nelson- Office Manager

Robyn is the assistant to the Director of Operations. As an office manager, she does several things, from ordering supplies to building spreadsheets. She keeps 2 of our shops organized and running smoothly. Robyn ensures all information is sent to the appropriate individuals and helps plan and execute employee events.

Her experience includes 20 years of working in the landscape industry, in one way or another. She’s built walls, patios, and sold projects as well.
When she’s not working, she enjoys hiking, camping, and spending time with her grandkids. Something unique about her others may not know is her desire for knowledge on all levels. She is as curious as a cat in all sorts of situations.

An item on her bucket list she would like to check off would be to take a trip to Greece, Italy, Ireland, and Scotland (all in one trip). If she had a superpower, it would be the ability to fly.

A quote she lives by is: “Do you have a broken bone? No. Are you bleeding? No. Was what was said true? If no, then don’t let it get to you. It doesn’t matter. That’s their issue. If yes, then change that to a better truth if you don’t like the truth it is. Life is too short to let false statements and bullies get you down.” -Thomas McCay

Interested in joining our team? Contact us at 763-342-8893 or hiring@hanthofarms.com

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