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Get to know our team: Andy Marchant- Account Manager

Get To Know Our Team: Andy Marchant – Account Manager

Andy has nearly 30 years of experience in landscape, construction, and snow removal. He began cutting lawns at age 12 and pulling a push mower behind his bicycle. He has been in the industry professionally, since 1991.

His strength lies in his ability to identify issues for clients and provide solutions. An important skill he’s acquired is being able to see pitfalls or problems within a project that may occur so he can be prepared for them.

His favorite thing about his position is problem solving and building relationships. He wants his clients to be able to rely on him as their “go to” person.

The most interesting place he has visited was when he lived in Maryland. The Smithsonian Museums were within 30 minutes, and the area was dotted with historic battlefields from the Civil War.

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