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Get to know our team: Charles Glossop- CEO- CSP

Get to know our team: Charles Glossop- CEO- CSP

As the CEO, it is Charles’s passion to ensure Hantho Outdoor Services has the right culture and practice what we wish for, to ensure everyone is doing well, and all employees and clients are being taken care of. His typical day includes waking up at 0400, many cups of coffee and heading into the office to check in with the operations team, business manager, and sales team before visiting sites with projects in progress.

Charles has a background in agriculture and soils, this is where his original passion lies. Landscaping and snow became his life, and he is enthusiastic about improving the industry and building the legacy of SIMA. The industry has its challenges, but he enjoys finding new ways to provide solutions. A quote he lives by is “No Compromise To Safety,” as he continues to lead others in putting safety first.

His uncle Douglas was his mentor and he learned from him, “If you think you know how to do something, always listen to others first, because they may show you an alternative way to accomplish a task. This is how you grow in life.”

Charles loves to travel, specifically to Belize, and is also passionate about helping others. He and his wife are building MammaBulli to help make a difference in the lives of others around the world.

Growing up his favorite pet was his father’s horse Polly. An item on his bucket list is to spend a week in Dubai with his wife Jenny. And if he had a superpower, it would be to provide more opportunities for our team.

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