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From the desk of Charles: Staff Meteorologist

We are extremely blessed to have Sydnie on our team as our staff meteorologist.

She provides us with daily forecasts 24/7. These reports are broken out into 6 hour increments with percentages of snow potential and snow amounts.

These upfront weather reports allow our team members to properly plan for winter services. Knowing the weather allows our team to know when and where to blow snow, based on wind direction and mph.

Our clients become dependent on the accuracy and detailed reviews of upcoming weather and having Sydnie in our office providing detailed 24/7 updates allows us to provide that information.

The weather reports are also useful in the summer for landscape and dirt crews planning around the upcoming rains and for fertilization and chemical treated services.

Sydnie always has a smile, is courteous, and a Gopher fan! We are very thankful to have her be a part of the Hantho team!


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