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Fall Is Just Around The Corner!

Have you scheduled your Fall Cleanup?

Fall is just around the corner, contact us today to get your cleanup scheduled and your lawn prepared for the winter season!
(763) 477–5011 or sales@hanthofarms.com

Here are some things Fall Cleanups include and why they’re important for your lawn during the winter months!
  1. Clean out fallen debris: Clearing out fallen debris will keep critters at bay and keep your lawn healthy over the colder months.
  2. Clean up the garden and add a layer of compost: After clearing out the debris, add a layer of compost to help nurture your soil for the next planting season.
  3. Prune Trees and Shrubs: Trim up dead, damaged, rouge, or diseased branches.
  4. Clean out the gutters: Clear leaves and other fallen debris from the gutters and check for proper drainage.
  5. Dry everything out: Drain all water from hoses, fountains, and irrigation systems. Schedule a time for us to winterize your irrigation system!
  6. Aerate: We can aerate your lawn to break up soil and keep water from pooling. This will help guarantee the nutrients will reach the roots over the cold season.
  7. Feed the lawn: One good fertilization before winter will encourage good root growth and give you a greener lawn come next spring.
  8. Rake and mulch: Don’t let fallen leaves suffocate your lawn!
  9. Give it one last mow: Set your mower to a low setting and give the lawn one last mow.
  10. Protect cold-sensitive plants: Adding mulch to the base and wrapping plants in cloth barriers can prevent damage from freezing in the winter.
  11. Plant some fall plants for color: Some plants do better when planted in the fall. Fall annuals can also add some color to your yard while other plants sleep for the season.

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