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Exceeding Your Expectations!

This past fall we walked with a property manager and discussed the upcoming season for snow.

We talked about:
Communication – She should never wonder if we were going to show or what we were going to do

Service – She should expect that services were completed on time

Correct – She should expect that the plan we were discussing in August should be completed each and every storm.

Solutions – She should not have the headache she did the year before.

We got a part of her portfolio. She was clear it was a trial year for several vendors.

Would you say that about your landscape and snow vendor?

“As we prepare for winter, we have been deliberating on how we are going to handle snow removal this year and you are aware that last year was a trial year with new vendors.

We have collectively agreed that your product and customer service are superior within the industry.”

Can you say that about your vendor?

If you have time to meet or can direct me to the person in your organization who manages these services, you or they can message me here, email me at Michael@hanthofarms.com or call/text at 612-272-8245.