Stormwater Construction & Remediation:

Hantho offers comprehensive construction and remediation services for stormwater BMPs, providing a complete solution for the design, installation, and repair of these systems. Hantho has full-site construction capabilities, including grading, excavating, and compaction repair to create or restore effective stormwater infrastructure. Hantho expertise extends to various BMPs, such as bio-detention and bio-retention ponds, infiltration trenches, sand filters, green roofs, rain gardens, constructed wetlands, native vegetation landscaping and more.

In addition to construction, Hantho specializes in remediation services to address existing issues with stormwater assets. Hantho offers solutions for erosion and slope repairs, riprap installation, riser leak repair, sediment control, invasive vegetation control, and proprietary BMP structure part replacements. By addressing these issues promptly and effectively, Hantho helps ensure the proper functioning of stormwater systems and the long-term sustainability of the surrounding environment.

Hantho construction and remediation services are complemented by their expertise in negotiating variance changes with municipalities. If a BMP was not designed or does not function as intended, Hantho can negotiate variance changes on behalf of clients with municipalities to address design or functional issues with BMPs.