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Bioretention Basins Project Photos and Common Issues

With one of our specialties being in maintaining Bioretention Basins maintenance is vitally important to keep these basins functioning.

Check out some of our before, during, and after photos from the project and read below for the common issues that can cause the pollutant removal, channel protection, and flood control capabilities of ponds to decrease:

    • Permanent pool elevations fluctuate.
    • Debris blocks the outlet structure.
    • Pipes or the riser are damaged.
    • Invasive plants out-compete the wetland plants.
    • Sediment accumulates in the pond, reducing the storage volume.
    • Slope stabilizing vegetation is lost.
    • The structural integrity of the embankment, weir, or riser is compromised.

Pond maintenance activities range in terms of the level of effort and expertise required to perform them. Routine pond and wetland maintenance, such as mowing and removing debris or trash, is needed multiple times each year.

More significant maintenance such as removing accumulated sediment is needed less frequently but requires more skilled labor and special equipment. Inspection and repair of critical structural features such as embankments and risers, needs to be performed by a qualified professional that has experience in the construction, inspection, and repair of these features.

For more questions or if you have ponds needing maintenance, contact us at sales@hanthofarms.com or (763) 477-5011

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