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A No Compromise To Safety Culture

We live our “No Compromise To Safety™,” we do not take this lightly.

This is a part of our culture. We have regular tailgate talk meetings. This is where we discuss topics relating from safety to equipment use, and all team members sign in as having been present and understanding the discussion points. We want all our employees to drive safely and defensively. It is not only about the team members working with Hantho but also about all the many family members, who we are expecting Hantho team members to return home safely to every day.

Our H.R. department always stresses that all potential new hires the importance of safety when doing the final interview. New team members understand from day one what our safety culture is and how we live it! New projects always start with a safety walk around, we look at terrain, what piece of equipment can be used where, and where not to use a certain piece, especially on sloped areas.

This is not only applicable for summer work but also critical for winter snow operators. Safety is an everyday, all-day commitment, and we work together as a team to make this possible!

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